Non-yellowing synthetic leather, hydrolysis-resistant cattle hide leather and microfiber synthetic leather have won 6 national patents.


About us

Shishi city Congxiang New Material Technology Co., Ltd. were founded in April 2004. The company's headquarters are located in Xiangzhi Industrial Zone, Xiangzhi Town, shishi city City, Fujian Province.The company covers an area of 80000 square meters and has a registered capital of 53 million yuan. The company mainly produces high-grade PU synthetic leather fabrics.The company is highly praised by customers for its "self-improvement, innovation and continuous transcendence" corporate philosophy, customer first and continuous innovation, actively guiding customers, and its corporate performance is increasing year by year.


Founded in 2004


Covering an area of 80000 square meters


Registered capital: 53.32 million yuan


Has six scientific research and technology patents

Product recommendation

Brand concept

Product positioning is based on the production and research of medium and high-grade products. The company has introduced South Korea synthetic leather production technology, which represents the world's advanced synthetic leather technology. It has attracted professionals with high academic qualifications and rich development experience and has established a research and development team with South Korea's senior engineers as the development core. After several years of hard work, the company has achieved remarkable results.


constantly strive to become stronger


With high-quality and stable products as the foundation for the long-term development, sustainable operation and success of the enterprise, we are strictly self-satisfied with this.

break new ground

Not satisfied with the status quo, they continue to surpass themselves, lead excellent teams to seek stronger and newer products and better working methods, go deep into the market and make positive responses.

Continue to surpass


Constantly review and surpass oneself, regard oneself as the best competitor and constantly defeat him.


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