Non-yellowing synthetic leather, hydrolysis-resistant cattle hide leather and microfiber synthetic leather have won 6 national patents.



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Recycled non-woven fabrics

Fibers made from waste synthetic fibers by melting or dissolving and reprocessing

The product has been put into use for a long time and its physical properties are stable.

Our recycled non-woven fabrics can be used in all kinds of products.

Our recycled non-woven raw materials have been certified by Global Recycled Standard.



Water-borne breathable leather

Solvent-free: Solving the problems of DMF residue and VOC pollution

Environmental protection: better hygienic performance, is a real sense of green, environmental protection products.

Air permeability: The skin membrane contains a large number of hydrophilic groups and microporous structure, so it has air permeability, moisture permeability and the same touch as the dermis.

Various colours: up to 100 colours for customers to choose

Various Styles: Three Different Styles for Customers to Choose

High Physical Property: The washing fastness and other physical properties of the product are much higher than those of the same kind on the market.

Higher Performance - Recovery of Wood Material

Re-upgrading of the product: The hydrolysis resistance of the product was improved, and the limitations of the product were solved.

More lines: There are nearly sixty lines available for customers to choose from.

Good quality and low price: After upgrading, the product's physical properties are improved, making it more durable, and the price increase is not significant.

Concept of environmental protection: recycling and reusing resources, reducing the generation of garbage, more green environmental protection



Ultrafibrillar Water Flocking

Environmentally friendly: The raw and auxiliary materials do not contain DMF, TOL, MEK and other organic solvents. They are safe in accordance with the new national and international standards. Requirements, especially the latest standard requirements of EU REACH Regulations

High cleanliness: There is no waste water and exhaust emissions in the production process. It is a real cleaner production, and the products are also true color and environmental protection.

High air permeability: The air permeability is better than all kinds of leather and synthetic leather products.

Wide range: Widely used in all kinds of shoes, and can also be used with bags, clothing and various decorative materials.


Spunlaced inner synthetic leather

1. Reinforcement without adhesives and washability

2. Soft handle and good drape

3. It does not affect the original characteristics of the fibers and does not damage the fibers.

4. High hygroscopicity, fast hygroscopicity, high strength and low hair setting

Environment-friendly solvent-free PU and super-fiber

1. Select special durable materials and advanced technology to provide excellent durability performance.

2. Adopt new production technology to realize zero residual DMF and solve VOC emission problem.

3. Super Scratch and Wear Resistance

4. Product serialization, hierarchy, diversified selection, with super high cost performance.

5. Develop and produce high-tech materials with the unique technology leading in the world. Full touch, good touch, strong dermis.

Promotion of Environmental Protection Concept and Application Scope of Products

Hardware upgrade: Overall upgrade of production machinery and supporting facilities reduces waste and possible additional impact

Promotion of Products: Use the Strictest Product Testing Standards

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