Non-yellowing synthetic leather, hydrolysis-resistant cattle hide leather and microfiber synthetic leather have won 6 national patents.

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Since our company inception, adhere to the production of high-grade synthetic leather for enterprise product positioning, the introduction of advanced synthetic leather production process technology to support South Korea imported a variety of advanced production equipment combined with the synthesis of the company's good management and marketing operating system in order to create " class management, first-class quality, first-class brand, first-class enterprise "as the goal, for pioneering, hard work!

South Korea-based company has a first-class senior management team development, new product development has always led the market, the existing high-density nano-months, non-yellowing synthetic leather and other six products obtained national patent. Executives in the company under the leadership adhere to the advanced management concepts, excellent product quality and keen market-leading concepts to guide enterprises. Company products in the domestic market on the basis of synthetic leather efforts to open up overseas markets, products exported to South Korea, Taiwan and Europe and other countries and regional markets, substantial foreign exchange for the country. Company production output has increased, the progressive realization of domestic exports marching marketing strategic approach.

During the operation the company adhere to energy conservation, low-carbon environment caught together, the company spent a lot of investment to build DMF recovery equipment, VOC gas recovery equipment, boiler spray dust removal equipment and other environmental comprehensive treatment equipment; establish and improve the laboratory and the production test basis to seize the finished product can be qualified for each yard leaving the production plant; provide customers with a variety of technical service requirements and product development projects and actively cooperate to jointly progress, the company has with the Huafeng Group, Qingdao Double Star and other suppliers and customers to establish strategic partnerships, and constantly develop new products to meet the increasingly fierce market competition.

The company will provide good working and accommodation. Employees annually organized system of fire safety and operational skills and training, and constantly improve their ideological quality and operational skills. Open basketball court, table tennis and other recreational facilities, the company also used the holidays to carry out games, riddles and games, and other activities to enrich the lives of the workers, training workers to work and rest work ethic.

The company's management received a number of government praise, has awarded the provincial high-tech enterprises, Shishi export advanced enterprises, DMF recovery system technology major projects such as the honor, I will work harder to progress, enhance self with you new and old friends to achieve common development, and write a new chapter.


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