Non-yellowing synthetic leather, hydrolysis-resistant cattle hide leather and microfiber synthetic leather have won 6 national patents.



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1. Production Method of Non-yellowing Synthetic Leather (Patent No. 200910112049)

The invention discloses a production method of non-yellowing synthetic leather, which is realized by following schemes: non-yellowing resin, DMF, MEK, TOL, antioxidant and color material are used as fabric; hydrolysis resistant base material, DMF, MEK, TOL, antioxidant and color material are used as base material; suitable base material is selected; and fabric and base material are prepared by conventional dry coating method. The synthetic leather with surface layer, substrate layer and bottom layer is prepared at 160 (+20 C) of material and base material. The non-yellowing synthetic leather of the present invention is obtained by printing NOX-resistant additives on the outer surface of the synthetic leather layer and processing with NOX-resistant technology. The invention carries out anti-ultraviolet treatment by non-yellowing resin in fabric and substrate, adds anti-oxidant additives in synthetic leather fabric and substrate, reduces the amount of TOL and MEK which are easily oxidized in air and increases the amount of DMF, thereby improving the anti-oxidation performance of synthetic leather; and makes leather by dry coating method. In the process, the temperature of oven was raised, the solvent was evaporated sufficiently, and the yellowing caused by solvent was avoided; the printing process was increased, and the NOX-resistant process was applied on the surface of synthetic leather, which effectively avoided the yellowing caused by the oxidation of NOX in the air.

2. A DMF recovery method (patent No. 200910207880)

The invention provides a DMF recovery method with low recovery cost and high recovery rate, which comprises the following steps: first, DMF is pumped from waste liquid tank to DMF cooler for preheating, then DMF waste liquid is pumped to dehydration tower after preheating, and the dehydration tower evaporates part of liquid water through vacuum motor to vacuum of -0.078+0.01MPa, and then evaporates part of liquid water. The DMF waste liquid from the dehydration tower is pumped to the reboiler and heated to 68 3 C to further concentrate the DMF waste liquid with a mass percentage of 40%-50%. The DMF waste liquid from the reboiler is pumped to the heater and heated to 120 5 C. Then the DMF waste liquid from the heater is pumped to the distillation tower to evaporate and separate the liquid water from the DMF recovery liquid. After separation, the DMF recovered liquid from distillation column was deacidified by deacidification tower. After deacidification, the DMF recovered liquid was tested by sampling tank and sent to the finished DMF tank.

3. A production method of Beef Pasta (patent No. 200910207881)

The invention provides a production method of cattle-hide leather, which improves the softness and hydrolysis resistance of the prepared cattle-hide leather, including the following steps: the non-woven fabric weighing 240 g/m2 to 260 g/m2 passes through the soaking tank at a linear speed of 6 to 8 m/s, the non-woven fabric containing soaking is pre-dried through the oven, and the oven temperature is heated. The non-woven fabrics treated by the above steps are cured and washed successively through the solidification tank and the washing tank by coating a layer of coating on the surface of the non-woven fabrics after pre-drying with the scraper. The tension of the non-woven fabrics in the washing tank is controlled at 2.5 (+0.5Kgf); the washed non-woven fabrics are dried through the oven. The semi-finished product of cow-bast leather is prepared by treatment, the oven temperature is 100 +10 C, the back of the semi-finished product is ground with sandpaper, and the finished product of cow-bast leather can be prepared by coating a layer of dispersant on the front of the semi-finished product.

4. A High Density Synthetic Leather Production Method (Patent No. 200910207884)

The invention provides a high-density synthetic leather production method with good handle and resilience, which comprises the following steps: selecting 240-260g/m2 non-woven fabric and immersing it completely in polyvinyl alcohol solution with mass percentage concentration of 3-5%, then drying the non-woven fabric at 110-125 C; and then soaking the non-woven fabric with water. The bath is immersed, then a layer of coating material is directly coated on the surface of non-woven fabric through a coating head without pre-baking treatment. Then the non-woven fabric is solidified and washed by solidification tank and water washing tank in turn. The freshwater temperature in the water washing tank is heated to 70-90 degrees C to dissolve the polyvinyl alcohol in non-woven fabric. The washed non-woven fabrics were dried and rolled to produce the base cloth, and then the high density synthetic leather was produced by the base cloth according to the well-known synthetic leather dry process.

5. A heat pipe steam generator (patent No. 200910207883)

The invention provides a heat pipe steam generator with high heat recovery rate and simple structure, which comprises a rack and a heat exchanger 1 and 2 mounted on the rack. The heat exchanger is a hollow shell, a snake-shaped water pipe is arranged on the inner side of the heat exchanger, and the water inlet and outlet of the snake-shaped water pipe extend to the outer side of the heat exchanger. The upper part of the heat exchanger is separated from top to bottom into upper pot barrel, heat exchange chamber and lower pot barrel. The upper pot barrel and lower pot barrel are connected by plural convection tubes arranged in the heat exchange chamber, and the upper pot barrel is provided with outlet of serpentine pipe. The water inlet connected with the water inlet and the steam outlet used for discharging water vapor are arranged in the heat exchanger chamber. The exhaust outlet is connected with the air inlet on the heat exchanger through the flue gas pipeline. The invention is mainly used for waste heat recovery of the tail gas of coal-fired, gas-fired or oil-fired boilers.

6. A synthetic method of imitating super-fibre leather (patent No. 200910207882)

The invention provides a production method of imitating super-fibre synthetic leather with low production cost, and the obtained imitating super-fibre synthetic leather has physical properties similar to that of super-fibre synthetic leather, including the following steps: preparing warp knitted cloth, the warp knitted cloth is knitted by 34 needles clothing method and short fibre warp knitting machine; and after the warp knitted cloth is plucked, it is treated by 6-8. The linear velocity of m/min is treated by immersion in the immersion tank. The immersion solution in the immersion tank is composed of polyurethane resin (100:300-350:3-5 by weight): dimethylformamide (DMF): air permeability additive and appropriate amount of color material. Then the warp knitted fabric after immersion is cured and washed through the solidification tank and the washing tank in turn. After drying and setting, the base cloth is made, and then the back of the base cloth is ground with 150 + 10 mesh sandpaper. Finally, a layer of anti-yellowing additive is coated on the front of the base cloth by a printing press.


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