Non-yellowing synthetic leather, hydrolysis-resistant cattle hide leather and microfiber synthetic leather have won 6 national patents.



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At the beginning of its establishment, Longxiang Company insisted on leading the market with technological innovation and product development, and its product positioning was based on the production and research of middle and high-grade products. The company introduced Korean synthetic leather production technology representing the world's advanced synthetic leather technology, attracted professionals with high education and rich development experience, and established a R&D team with senior engineers as the core of development. After several years of hard work, the company achieved remarkable results. New products such as high density nano-leather, non-yellowing synthetic leather and hydrolysis-resistant cattle-hide leather have been developed and applied for national patents. They are strategic partners of many famous brands of shoes and clothing in China.

"If we want to do well, we must first make good use of our tools." On the premise of having a strong development team, our company has invested a lot of money to introduce various advanced testing equipment, such as micro-computer tension machine, flexure-resistant testing equipment, sample grinding equipment, bursting testing equipment and Soft-hardness testing, and has established a complete material testing standard, product testing and other advanced testing equipment. Procedures and experiments are various normative documents such as operating procedures. Our company's experimental equipment is mostly imported from Japan or Taiwan, with advanced industry specifications.

With this perfect hardware and software equipment, Longxiang Company insists on occupying and guiding the market with the latest and best products. The company has established a long-term development system with Pick, Dikanon and other brand enterprises. With a keen market vision, it insists on continuously promoting new products to the market. Several products have won national patents successively.

Production Method of Non-yellowing Synthetic Leather, Patent No. 200910112049.5

A DMF recovery method, patent number: 200910207880.9

A production method of beef pasta, patent No. 200910207881.3

A high density synthetic leather production method, patent No. 200910207884.7

A heat pipe steam generator, patent No. 200910207883.2

A synthetic leather imitating super-fibre method, patent No. 200910207882.8

The product image has been established in the market with remarkable achievements. The company will continue to innovate, develop more products to serve the market, create profits!

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